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Daryl Jones, Ph.D.

Pastor. Speaker. Author. Teacher. Husband. Father.

Dr. Jones excels in his unique ability to communicate theological truths through varied stories and illustrations. As pastor, teacher, author, and speaker, his vision is to see a redeemed people of God existing as family living out kingdom values.  

He was a very involved student-athlete with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Athletes in Action as a wide receiver on the National Championship University of Miami football team of 2001.  At the U, Daryl met his wife Kamica, and was blessed to marry the love of his life.  He went on to play professional football for the New York Giants, Chicago Bears, and the Minnesota Vikings. It was during those years where he began to feel God’s pull on his life toward the Gospel ministry.

Dr. Jones answered the Lord’s call to the preach His word in 2004.  He was licensed and ordained at his home church, New Hope Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. There, he served as Children’s and Youth Pastor. Daryl later served as Youth Director at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, with Dr. Tony Evans, before answering the call to plant The Rock Fellowship Church in Miami, Florida. Dr. Jones earned a Master of Divinity and a Biblical Studies Ph.D in New Testament and Biblical Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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Jones Family

Pastor Daryl and his wife, Kamica, live in Pembroke Pines, Florida. They have seven children: Jazz, Joy, Jewel, Jax, June, Jet, and Jay.

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After much prayer and consideration, Point Ministries was birthed in June 2018 and received 501c3 status in October 2018. The Lord laid Dr. Jones's heart to start this ministry for the purpose of spreading sound Bible teaching around the world. This passion was strengthened over the past couple of years after meeting two men who became followers of Jesus Christ by hearing a clear Bible teaching, Gospel message on the radio. Many of our great Bible teachers over the airways and media are getting older and passing away. Daryl believes the Lord has called him and is raising him up to be a new voice for sound, Biblical teaching over the airways.  


In our young age as a ministry, the LORD is doing some amazing things. Recently we received word from a church member that his son's old Sunday school teacher told him she listens to the Point Ministries sermon every Sunday morning and those messages serve as her word for the day, even while on the way to her church! Her testimonial does prove that the LORD is using this ministry. One of Dr. Jones's greatest joys is teaching the Word of God and the world needs to hear "His" message more than ever.



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