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Matthew 5:48


Matthew 5:48 – Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect.


One of the most common phrases we hear when someone does something wrong is, “No one is perfect.” Honestly, this is usually said when they want to be excused for their sin without repentance or taking personal responsibility. The first problem with this attitude is that it is wrong; Jesus was Perfect! The second problem is that it goes directly against what Christ has called us to do. Jesus makes this statement during His famous sermon on the mount in the context of loving one’s enemies. His command here is a reflection of behaving like the Father, whom is perfect. What’s so important in this command is that Jesus does not allow us to make excuses or dismiss any sinful behavior towards others, even if they may “deserve” it. Rather, we ought to pursue and strive for perfection in loving others as the Father has demonstrated in sending Jesus.

Now, we all know we are human and are capable of making mistakes. However, mistakes and rebellion are not the same thing. Mistakes are unintentional errors, while rebellion is knowing something is wrong and doing it anyways. Let us not make excuses for sin, but rather own our sin and repent from it. This is why Jesus came to die and rise again, so that by faith in Him we have Holy Spirit power to repent and strive for Christ-likeness. So, whenever we make mistakes, mistreat someone, or sin against God, do not retreat to the “no one is perfect” attitude. Rather, strive for the perfection Christ calls us to, leaning on Him as He works in and through us for His glory.


Where do you need to make adjustments in life to strive for the perfection Christ calls us to?

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